The Room

  • Acoustic treatments
  • View from within studio
  • Rock-walled vocal booth

The Druid City Time & Spaceship features a floated floor construction live room, and maintains a constant altitude of 8" off the building foundation.

The deck of the ship is 22'x30' and features a broad spectrum open studio design.
Its features include:

Graduating, non-parallel walls, tiled in a broadband spectrum. This creates a room that is very dry and tight on one end and sounds very open and alive on the other, but always consistently high quality,

Temporary acoustic treatments can be used to define specific working environments, e.g. Control space/isolation/audio energy focusing.

The deck maintains no standard arrangement. Instead of the fixed, rigid models of music recording popular in the past, The Spaceship remains in a state of constant flux.

The console can be quickly converted into 2 directions: Thisway (Artist as Engineer) and Thatway (Artist apart from Engineer). This allows guest mix engineers the choice of diffuse or absorptive back walls.

Solid bamboo floor

Floated Sheetrock on all interior walls and ceiling.

Acoustic design, fixed, and temporary room treatments produce a room with infinite arraignment possibilities both physically and sonically.

Rock tiled vocal booth.

Tiled isolation chamber.

Skylight provides natural light.

Back door of the spaceship opens into a large, private, secluded field, which we often use to place microphones, amps, or even performers (weather permitting).