Gear List

Gear List

Lucy (console)

At the heart of the spaceship sits Lucy, a super high-quality British-made hybrid Neve/SSL recording console featuring:

56 inputs at mixdown

16 channels of Neve 1081 mic preamps (4x4081's) USB recallable

16 channels of SSL EQ and compression w/total recall

SSL G Series Mix Bus compressor

Neve and SSL summing mixers allow an incredible matrix of possibilities including either

Neve or SSL output bussing and analog or digital outputs.

Neve 8804 fader pack

Midas Venice 160 (console)

Microphone Collection

Brauner VM1

Brauner Phantom AE

Manley Gold reference

Langevin CR2001

Neumann U64

Neumann U87 Ai

Neumann M147 tube

(2)Neumann TLM170R w/remote pattern control

Neumann kms105

(2) Neumann KM184

(2) AKG 414

(2) BLUE Dragonfly

AudioTechnica 4033 a

AudioTechnica AT825

AudioTechnica ATM31

(2) Josephson C42

Coles 4050 stereo ribbon mic


Beyer Dynamic M500

Cascade Fat Head II w/Lundahl transformer

Sennheiser MD441-U

(3) Sennheiser md421

(2) Sennheiser e506

Sennheiser e602

(2) AKG D112

(5) Shure sm57

TAD transformer sm57

Audix om-5

Crown PZM

Placid Audio Copperphone

ElectroVoice N/D767a

Additional Microphone Preamps

Manley Voxbox

Focusrite ISA428 (4 channels of Focusrite ISA)

Langevin Dual Vocal Combo.

Drawmer 1960 Tube

JMK audio racked vintage NEVE

Outboard Gear

TC Electronic 2290 Digital Delay

TC Electronic 1310 Digital Delay

TC Electronic M2000 Digital Reverb

Drawmer dl241 Compressor

Drawmer ds201 Gate

Drawmer ds401 Gate


Protools HD 2 with (2) 192 interfaces running on Apple G4 with remote control by iPad.

Studer A80 2" 24 track Analog Tape Machine

Marantz 620 CDR Recorder

Instruments and Amplifiers

Noble and Cooley CD Maple Drum kit - 10/12/14/22

Pork Pie Little Squealer Drum kit - 12/14/16/22

Pork Pie Little Squealer Snare Drum

TAMA Power Metal Bronze Snare Drum

Zildjan K Custom Session High hats, 20" Ride, 18" Crash, 16" Crash

Modulus graphite quantum 5 Five string bass

Warwick Corvette 4 string fretless

Fender Rhodes 72

Hammond T595 with rotating speaker

Howard 5'7" Grand Piano

Extensive electric and acoustic guitar collection, not individually listed

Dandry TW-01

Dandry Mystic

Soldano hot rod 50 head

Matchless Chieftain 2x12 combo

Rivera tbr1 stereo rack mount head

Rivera fifty-five twelve 12 1x12 combo

Fender champion 500

Fender super champ xd

Roland micro cube

Trace Elliot gp7sm 2x10 combo amp

Marshall 4x12 cab

Vox 1x12 cab

Mesa Boogie 1x12 cab (2- 1 open back, 1 closed back)

Mesa Boogie 4x12 Road King Cab

Marshall Class 5 - 5 watt head

Winfield Typhoon 5 watt head

ENGL Gigmaster 15 head

Ear Candy Cabs 2x6

(2) Weber 1x8 Cab

Ampeg BA 115 Bass Combo

CAE 212 Guitar cabinet built by Bob Bradshaw

Guitar Preamps:

Soldano supercharger G.T.O. Pedal

Matchless hotbox pedal

Matchless dirtbox pedal

Engl 530 rack mount preamplifier

Stomp boxes:

4114 Flux Capacitor Delay

Pete Cornish LD-2 Line Driver

Pete Cornish SS-3 overdrive

Pete Cornish G-2 distortion

Pete Cornish P-2 fuzz

Pete Cornish OC-1 optical compressor

Himmelstrutz Nutcracker optical compressor

Himmelstrutz OverUnder Overdrive

JRockett Archer Overdrive

Roland GP8 Rack Processor

Suhr Shiba Overdrive

Suhr Riot Distortion

T-Rex Replica digital delay

T-Rex Beta Vibe chorus

T-Rex Tremster

TC Electronic chorus pedal

Demeter Reverbulator real spring reverb

Digitech Wh1 (original) whammy pedal

Rocktron floor 8 switching system

TC Electronic 0144 foot controller for 2290

Ernie Ball volume pedal jr

VanAmps SoleTone Jr.

Hotone Soulpress Wah

Electroharmonix Nano Big Muff Distortion

Maxon AD10 Delay

Black Arts Tone Works Quantum Mystic Distortion

MXR 6 Band EQ

Direct Inputs/Reamp:

(4) little labs ibp phase alignment tools (2 with instrument inputs)

Countryman DI

Whirlwind multi-director 4 channel DI


Tannoy Little Gold Monitors

Genelec 1030A Near Field Monitors

Manley More Me headphone system (2)- allows artist to create personal headphone mix

Samson C Que 8 headphone amp

Mackie personal monitor

Alesis ra100 power amp

Headphones by AKG and More Me