Jacob Thompson
Jacob playing Pensa guitar in the spaceship

I, Spaceship Captain, Jacob Thompson, am a native son of west central Alabama. I am glad you found us here and I look forward to the future occasion of making music with you.

Here is a bit about me:

I have been a musician since I began taking violin lessons from sister Mary Siselia at the age of seven. This was abandoned upon the revelation that guitars would be necessary in order to rock (I still love classical music). I think I was about twelve when that happened.

I began teaching guitar lessons to friends in high school at 15 and then in local music stores at 16. I taught a lot of guitar lessons and began to hoard all manner of fun, curious devices with the spoils. Despite this, I have yet to completely learn the guitar or satisfy my recording and instrument gear fetish.

In 1995, at 22, I jumped in debt and opened Green Pyramid recording studio in Tuscaloosa Alabama. It was great fun and I made countless recordings with local musicians of all genres from death metal to gospel and rap to country. Our clients included The Inlaws, Mindseye, The Spiritual lights, Phashnick and Killer Crew, Wayne Mills, Second Hand Jive, Jason Herndon, the Kings of the Killerfish, Debbie Bond and the Alabama Blues Project, Soul Orbit, the Dexateens, the Sweetdog Experience (love ya, dog !), Keith Williams, Jon Gilmore (R.I.P.), the Southern Baptist Convention, Alabama senator Charles Steele, and the University of Alabama. (if I left you out and you'd like, let me know and I'll add you to the list).

During this time I also toured, playing guitar at hundreds of gigs throughout the southeast in Ghost in the Machine - a Sting and The Police tribute band and then in Freak Magnet, a raucous, fool hardy, motley crew that divided our time between playing covers for frat house parties and driving around in a van solving mysteries. Oh yeah, I also was house sound man at various times for local venues Pounders, the Purple Fish, the Green Bar, and the world famous Chukker- I did have the honor of overseeing production for its final night.

I moved to New York City in September of 2002 and landed a receptionist job at Electric Lady Studios, (founded by Jimi Hendrix) and later, gladly took a pay cut to become a general assistant. I had the pleasure of working peripherally with many talented engineers and artists. During my stint at ELS, the studio, clients included Depeche Mode, Common, Mary J, Blige, The Roots, Dave Chappelle, Ric O'Casek, Dreams Come True, O.A.R, Nas, and Erykah Badu. Please don't mistake me as claiming engineering credit for these artists, but I did have the tremendous fortune to work assisting with their recordings in both technical and general assistance roles. I loved New York but it wasn't home for me. When the United States invaded Iraq, it seemed about time to head south for the winter. In 2004, I moved to New Orleans looking for further adventure and music.

I went on the road as guitar technician for the New Orleans Radiators for five months straight until landing a back line technician position at Bernard Productions. I have provided back line service and assistance for the Neville Brothers, Doctor John, Lou Rawls, Les Claypool's Flying Frog Brigade, America, Credence Clearwater Revisited, Papa Roach, Kermit Ruffins, Papa Mali, Brother Paul Morton and the Full Baptist Convention, MOM's Ball 2005, Bridge Crawfish Festival, French Quarter Festival 2005, 2006, Baton Rouge Juneteenth 2005, and was in charge of back line for the Lafayette International Music Festival for 2004 and 2005. I've even run monitors for a Mardi Gras Indian Chief's funeral!

While in New Orleans, I played guitar with the Captain Midnight Band - an original "Waterbed Rock'n'Roll" band. In addition to being the Time&Spaceship's Captain, I am its architect and oversaw its construction. Thanks for taking this time to get to know me a bit. I look forward to meeting you and making music.

brandonguitarBrandon Walker
Originally from Columbia, Mississippi, my musical journey began as a vocalist and horn player in various school and church ensembles while growing up. After moving to Tuscaloosa for college, I learned guitar and put together a band that played bars, clubs, and fraternity parties throughout the southeast, for 5 years.

After an additional extended stint as a primarily local acoustic songwriter and performer, I decided to get serious about production and go back to school in 2005-
graduating with a B.A. from New College at the University of Alabama, with a focus in Audio Production and Songwriting, in 2007. In 2008, I relocated to the San Francisco bay area to attend Pyramind ( graduating near the top of my class with a Digital Producer

Certificate (Digital Audio and Video Production) and industry certifications/training in Pro Tools (Operator, Music & Post), Logic, Waves, Reason, and Ableton Live. Additionally, I interned at Pyramind Studios/Epiphyte Records as a student, then moving on to intern at Talking House/Studio Trilogy ( after graduation- gaining experience in Music, Post, Sound Design, Foley, Game Audio, and Video Production. After serving in a Production and Marketing role with a Northern California Clown Troupe, I came back to the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area in 2010 to make records.

From 2011-2012, I was the Entertainment Coordinator and Sound Engineer at Green Bar in Tuscaloosa, Alabama where I worked with hundreds of talented local, regional, and national bands and performing troupes in a variety of shows, styles, and mediums- incorporating all elements of audio and visual production.

In the spring of 2012, I left Green Bar to work as the Multimedia Production Director for a local company, and to work as a staff Producer/Engineer at Druid City Time & Spaceship.

I have worked live and in the studio with bands such as:

Alabama Shakes, Lee Bains III and The Glory Fires, 13 Ghosts, Doc Dailey and The Magnolia Devil, The Pollies, Water Liars, El Cantador, Ham Bagby, Blaine Duncan, Rev.John Wilkins, Blackwater Thieves, CBDB, Voodoo Saints, Callooh! Callay!, James Justin & Company, Sol Driven Train, The Underhill Family Orchestra, Two Bit Charlies, Megan Jean & The KFB, Green Seed, Convolve, G-Side, Coyotes, The Hypsys, Organic Androids, County Road 4, Belle Adair, Scotty Van Matre, Karen Waldrup, Electric Moon, Stagolee, The Original Shake Charmers, Kristmas, The Cancers, and many others.

I love all kinds of music, and would love to work with you on your next project.